Unit test history generator

Test suite level

The test suite level presents all the statistics and trends that are directly related to a full test run. The stats are broken down on package and test class level for easy navigation to respective pages.

The main trends for all collected test runs. Various metrics can bee
seen and fixed trends can be viewed up to 10 days back in history.

All runs are listed, in a sortable table displaying the most
useful statistics. If there is a HTML freport generated it is
one click away through the Run-X link in the first column.

All packages in the test run are summarized individually.
The purpose is to quicky find and area that has been broken.
Clicking on the package name opens a page summarizing all the
runs where this package has been included.

All test classes/modules in the test run are summarized individually,
just like for the packages. Clicking on the test class name opens a page
summarizing all the runs where this package has been included.

Package level

This page represents a package including all subpackages and test classes recursively. At the bottom of the page the so very useful test case spread can be found.

Just like for the main runs all the trends can be seen for a test package.

Sortable list representing this package and its part in a full test run.

All the test classes included in the package are listed here. Each
of the test classes names can be clicked to open the test class
report page.

All test cases included in this package's test classes are listed here.
If only wanting to see test cases for one test class, the corresponding
test class page needs to be opened.

This is probably one of the most useful views presented by UnitTH. It
displays the verdict for a single test case for all possible runs. Was it
part of the execution, dit it pass or did it fail? This spread table
can give the answer to many cases of introduced bugs, sporadic failing
or failing in sequence.

Test class level

The lowest level of granularity in the UnitTH report. This view is broken down on test class level.

The trends for this level, test class.

Same as on the package page but only with the test cases
in this single test class.